Scott Lucas

Native Northern Californian. Former software salesman. Around-the-world traveler (twice). Visionary force behind the Just Cook Foods dream.

Scott’s curse is being skilled at too many things. You probably know the type: he’s won chili cook-offs, he’s an avid cyclist, tennis player, and a determined (yet consistently mediocre) surfer. He understands how to use spreadsheets, can fix things when they break, and he’s seen enough of the world in his travels to be able to have something to relate to just about any person he meets. After spending 25 years working in technology, he decided to follow a lifelong passion and create a company where all of his skills and imagination can come to bear. He’s still cursed, but now he’s doubly happy.

Favorite rub: Ancho Chicken Rub on simply grilled chicken served with a classic Caesar and an ice cold Sierra Nevada. It’s also excellent on grilled shrimp, panko breaded chicken fingers, deviled eggs and even on popcorn!

Cathy Storfer

Canadian (go Leafs!). Veteran event planner. Scott’s wife (and proud of it). Voice of pragmatism that calmly guides Just Cook Foods.

In a nutshell, Cathy knows what it takes to throw a great party and memorable food is at the top of the list. She attended San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy after college, worked in several hotels planning events, and then spent eight years at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering where she planned and executed events that were both fancy and fun. She was one of the world’s worst vegetarians (mostly due to her love of bacon). She subsequently abandoned the title altogether once the Just Cook Foods tastings got going. When she’s not working with Scott or creating in the kitchen, you can find her hiking the trails in Marin or enjoying their baby girls.

Favorite rub: Roasted Any Day chicken with lots of gravy (with Salmon No19 as a close second both on salmon….and on shrimp!)

Daniel Capra

Adopted son of New Orleans. Likes to play with heat (the spicy kind). The Executive Chef at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering, spice geek, culinary expert, and flavor creator at Just Cook Foods.

Daniel worked in restaurants in Washington D.C. and New Orleans. He has cooked at the James Beard House in New York City. He enjoys entertaining friends and family in Berkeley and New Orleans. Locally, he enjoys a bounty of seasonal ingredients, preparing simple meals that allow the key flavors to shine. He is obsessed with Southern Cooking, true Mexican cuisine, all things pig, as well as Star Wars, cheese, beer, bourbon, bass and martial arts (which adds all sorts of style points to his chopping skills).

Favorite rub: Coffee rub braised pork belly on grilled toast with an over easy farm egg

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