Cooking Light Magazine, August 2015: “For the not-so-adventurous cooks, it’s way easier to have pre-mixed herbs and spices at hand that you know will be good again and again. That’s where Just Cook comes in. Read Article


Fancy Food & Culinary Products Magazine, August 2015: “But what makes one line of spice blends different than the rest? At Just Cook Foods, I found out one night surrounding my stove, a modern spin is put on traditional spices.” Read Article


Snob Essentials, June 2015: “San Francisco specialty foods company Just Cook is a ‘mom and pop,’ all-natural, artisanal brand that makes a line of gourmet spice rubs. They’re awesome for someone like me who hates to cook.” Read Article


Werd: “The idea is just to make it seem like you can cook. Actually learning isn’t necessary. And it’ll be even easier using these idiot-proof pre-made spice blends.”Read Article


The Review Wire: Featured in the 2014 Gift Guide Read Article


The Manual: “An easy way to make your dinner a true conversation piece.” Read Article


The Kitchn – Faith’s Daily Find: “My favorite is their taco spice mix, which takes some cues from mole sauce, with notes of cocoa, cinnamon, and molasses.” Read Article


Esquire Magazine, December 2013 Gift Guide: “For the Man Who Has Everything (Except these 6 Things): Just Cook’s coffee-laced spice rub will make people think you’re a chef.” Read Guide


Oprah Magazine, June 2013: Oprah features our Any Day Chicken Blend as a pic for rubs in their summer grilling feature. Read Article


San Francisco Chronicle, July 2012: The Chronicle Food & Wine staff picks No. 19 Salmon Blend as their favorite, noting “the way it complemented the fish’s natural flavor”. Read Article


DailyCandy, December 2011: Featured in DailyCandy’s Holiday Gift Guide. Read Article


“Move over, Mrs. Dash”: Tasting Table features our blends on their blog. Read Article


Just Cook’s neighborhood paper profiles our founders. Read Article


“Their spice rubs are magical… we rub them on our chicken, pork and beef and voilá, our meat sings.” Read Article


“This unique line of premium spice blends enable us regular folk to cook like professional chefs in our own homes.” Read Article

The Yummy Report

“[Herbed coffee rub] is my absolute favorite.” Read Article


“The Ancho Chicken Rub was the perfect seasoning for grilled chicken that went into tacos. With smoked paprika, brown sugar, ancho chili, cumin” Read Article

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