This is not a story of your ordinary threesome.

cta-bigYes, there’s a husband and wife (Scott and Cathy). There’s also a dashing and creative chef (Daniel). But the love in this story is for cooking, and the desire comes from figuring out easier ways to create great meals.

To tell this story properly, we need to go back a couple years. It was 2008 in San Francisco, California, Scott had just turned fifty, and the economy had tanked. After 20 years of selling software, Scott discovered that his passion for the tech industry had faded. He was in the uncomfortable position of arriving at mid-life asking, “Where do I go from here?” Luckily for him, Cathy his fiancée (and now wife) had also been thinking long and deep about her next career move. As they pondered the different directions in which they might go, they came to the conclusion that a new perspective on life might help their process, and what better way to gain perspective than to travel around the world?

Four months and four continents later, they found themselves on an African beach reflecting on the mysterious flavors encountered in Southeast Asia, the smells emanating from the spice market in Morocco, and the simplicity of the farmers markets in France. It didn’t require a lightning bolt to show them how much they loved the celebration of food. On this beach, they made the decision that their “what next” would be to start a company—bad economy be damned—with unique products inspired by the flavors they’d discovered during their travels. What’s more, their company would focus on making it easy to cook great food.

The spark was there, but they needed one thing (or person): Daniel. An old friend, Executive Chef at a world-class caterer, and a true creator in the kitchen, Daniel could help turn this dream into something real. Upon their return to San Francisco, Scott and Cathy didn’t have to do much convincing to get Daniel to jump in. Food was his favorite topic, and his passion sustained them over the next year and a half as they experimented tirelessly to create a line of spice blends and plan out future product lines. Their goal from the beginning was to take the fuss out of cooking, and still deliver flavors to make extraordinary meals. With this mission in mind, Scott, Cathy and Daniel are proud to bring Just Cook Foods products to your kitchen.

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